Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft Pitbull - Youtube Music Videos

American famous actress, artist and singers Jennifer Lopez released "On the Floor" song on February 11, 2011 by Island Records. The song is featuring with Latin American famous rapper Pitbull. “On the Floor” is the lead single from Jennifer Lopez's #7 studio album, Love? (2011). 

The song was written by, Pitbull, Kinda Hamid, Geraldo Sandell, Achraf Jannusi, Bilal Hajji, as well as RedOne, who also produced the song. The song was released coincided with Lopez’s appointment as a judge on the 10th season of American Idol (US famous reality TV show), as well as several other product endorsement deals. Lopez’s first live performance of the song was debut on American Idol. 

The song is an electropop, up-tempo dance, and electro house music song, combined with a tempo of 130 beats per minute! Other essentials of the song are taken from Eurodance, Latin American and techno music, including club beats and heavy synths.

The "On the Floor" music video was filmed over the weekend dated January 22–23, 2011, with Frank Gatson as the song’s choreographer and TAJ Stansberry serving as the song’s director.

The music video starts with Lopez's arrival at a night club in a black BMW, (it is believed this is one example of the product placement used throughout the music video). As the song begins, Lopez puts on a pair Swarovski crystal earrings (another product) before the camera changes to inside the club. where it descends from the ceiling amongst the Las Vegas-style crystal chandeliers. Both the artist and scenery were styled to pay homage to her background as a professional dancer, Lopez said she wanted the video to "introduce people to a new jlo-ration of party people". 

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Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor