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Eminem - Not Afraid - Best Youtube Music Videos

American famous rapper Eminem released "Not Afraid" song for his seventh studio song album, called 2010 - Recovery (2010). "Not Afraid" was released on April 29, 2010 as the lead single for the album. "Not Afraid" was first introduced as a single by Eminem via his Twitter, after which it is released on major radio stations. A freestyle song rap, "Despicable", was released on the Internet  to promote the song.

"Not Afraid" was produced by Boi-1da, Matthew Burnett, Eminem and Jordan Evans. The song carries a positive message and describes Eminem's change in direction from drugs and violence. “Not Afraid” is a hip hop song features a choir that supports Eminem in a greatly layered chorus and vocals are sung over a guitar, synthesizer and piano; no Auto-Tune was used on the sung vocals, but many reverberation tools were.

"Not Afraid" successfully became the 16th song in Billboard history to peak on the Billboard Hot 100 at number one in United States; the song also became as a chart-topper in Canada. As of August 2011, "Not Afraid" has sold more than four million digital copies. The song has helped Eminem won the MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards Japan, Billboard Music Awards and Detroit Music Awards.

"Not Afraid" music video is directed by Rich Lee in May 2010. The music video was shot at New York City and Newark, New Jersey. In the music video, Eminem shows newfound confidence and courage, albeit facing struggles and eventually jumping off a ledge.

The music video begins with a scene in which Eminem alone standing on the rooftop of the Manhattan Municipal Building in New York. The music video changes between scenes where he sings and raps on the rooftop and another scene where Eminem is seem lost inside a dark basement. Eminem walks slowly and closer towards the edge of the building until he leaves to go downstairs as the chorus starts. He begins moving down Market Street in Newark and jaywalks across the street, escaping vehicles that pass by. Eminem shows partial reflections of himself on the window of a car; he is moving on, only to be surrounded by many mirrors.

Confused, Eminem tries to run away, and almost at the end of the second chorus, he finally breaks through a mirror to realize himself in the middle of the busy street. Eminem tries to break out of the basement.
At other scene, Eminem then jumps off the edge of the building and has a steep dive, but he flies straight up again; his fast flight down Market Street causes sonic booms on vehicles nearby. Eventually, Eminem flies up, back to the rooftop of the Manhattan Municipal Building, in New York City, where the music  video started.

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